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Iva Bukovjanová


Your accounts will be in the hands of the responsible accountant who collaborates with chartered tax advisor and auditor.


We deliver high-quality accounting services in accord with Czech legislation.

Entrust your accounts to our trained professionals. In Harnol&Partners we will do our best to keep your accounts sound and in accordance with Czech legislation. Our services are complex and therefore we will also look after your taxes or represent your company when dealing with Czech authorities or undergoing tax inspections. Our services include accounting advisory and review of your current accounting.

Our accounting department closely collaborates with our internal auditor and tax advisors who guarantee sound accordance with all tax regulations, who treat all tax risks, optimize your taxes and represent you at inspections carried out by your tax administrator. We guarantee diligent administration of your accounts, including assessment of particular accounting cases with regards to income tax and VAT. Your trust into our company’s dilligent work binds us to overtake all risks arising from wrongly kept accounts.

We Use the Modern Software.

Our accounting is processed using Helios ORANGE software. This saves your investment into your own accounting software and its administration. This system enables remote access, which could be adapted to your requirements and needs. At the same time we are able to keep your accounts using your preferred software, e.g. SAP. The reporting set up will be adjusted to your individual needs.

Why Have Your Accounting Managed by Harnol&Partners

  • Overlap between accounting, tax advisory and audit.

  • We adhere to Czech legislation.

  • Services of tax advisor who optimizes your tax deductions and looks for tax efficient solutions available in your business and industry.

  • We treat and tackle the tax risks.

  • We represent our clients when communicating with authorities.

  • We guarantee sound administration of your accounts, including detailed assessment of particular accounting cases from the point of view of income tax and VAT.

  • Ongoing communication and reporting.

  • We use the most up-to-date and modern accounting software.

  • Your accounting is in the hands of trained professionals. 

  • We are insured. Our liability risk insurance covers all potential losses and damages

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