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Harnol&Partners was established in 2010 following a long-term work of each and every member of our team in the offices of the leading advisory companies. We came to a decision to devise our own business where we would develop an approach of looking at this challenging work from a different perspective and giving it a so much demanded grasp of complexity. Therefore, we got together with other professionals and developed a distinctive service for customers looking for quality representation or advisory in the area of accounting, payroll accounting, taxes and audit. 

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We Are Experts You Can Trust

1. Long-Term Experience

Our current team consists of 25 employees. In the field of accounting we currently cater for more than 60 companies. We provide tax advisory services to 80 legal persons and 150 physical persons. Our regular processing of payroll accounting agenda involves around 40 clients and monthly we process more than 5,000 payslips in accordance with Czech and Slovak legislation.


2. International Communication

Our clients are Czech as well as foreign entities running their business within the Czech market, such as daughter companies of foreign companies, divisions of their undertaking and foreign physical persons.

We are multilingual and communicate in English, German, Polish and Slovak languages.


3. Modern Software

For processing and managing the accounting and payroll agenda, we use the most up-to-date and modern accounting software. Generally, we prefer to process the automated imports and exports of the data. In cases where such processing presents a challenge, we established a so called four-eye check for input and processing of data. We strive to reflect on particular processes and, in cooperation with our clients, we are aiming at their improvement, simplification and making them more efficient.


4. Compliance program

Complex Compliance Program containing The Code of Ethics is in place in Harnol&Partners and we strive to adhere to it.​   

What We Are Proud Of

  • We are experts. Our accountants are lead by internal tax advisors and an auditor.

  • We deliver sound work in accordance with Czech legislation.

  • We follow our internal standards.

  • We provide an individual approach to our clients. 

  • We organise internal trainings and our employees participate in the range of trainings delivered by external training companies.

  • We organise and run individual trainings tailored to the needs of our customers.

  • Being professional and delivering high-quality work is our top priority.

  • We value our employees and do our best to establish a cosy family environment in their workplace.

Our Guarantees

Liability risk insurance for losses or damages

Membership with the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors and Czech Chamber of Auditors


We are holders of quality assurance certificates. We are ISO 9001 certified company. Our company is certified to comply with the information security in accordance with the ISO 27001 Standard, where yearly quality assurance and compliance audits are performed.


Visit Our Office


Nad koupadly 1027/1b
142 00 Prague 4

The Czech Republic

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