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Payroll Agenda

Simona Hudíková

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Our team is flexible.

We get your payroll accounting done and salaries paid on time.


We are ready to care for your payroll accounting and human resources records in accord with Czech and Slovak legislation.

We will lower your costs related to payroll accounting agenda, find solution to fully substitute internal payroll administrator, we assure confidentiality when dealing with human resources records and sensitive payroll agenda data and we will ensure accordance with current regulations and standards.

Take the advantage of our care and we will provide you with extra services of tax advisor specializing in physical persons income tax area, health insurance agenda and social security agenda. Our specialized knowledge and expertise goes hand in hand with an ongoing education, training, constant close supervision of our payroll department staff, keeping track of all changes and their prompt incorporation into practice and our output. All this and much more can secure a maximum quality of services we deliver.


We have been collaborating with clients who prefer to have both payroll and human resources record agenda for both Czech and Slovak republics and need to have unified standards and output.

Supervision by tax advisor

Our own attendance system

Payroll accounting and labour-law advisory

Individual set up of processes

Complex Payroll Accounting Service

And Much More

  • Overtaking of Czech and Slovak payroll accounting agenda and human resources records from your current administrator at any time of year.

  • Administration of payroll agenda (for Czech and foreign employers) using DATACENTRUM, a software for payroll accounting, or Helios ORANGE, a comprehensive accounting software.

  • Ensuring legal obligations related to the commencement and termination of employment.

  • Processing of payroll accounting data in a format enabling sound import into your accounting software.

  • Closing annual payroll accounts.

  • Tailored reporting based on individual needs.

  • Preparation of forms for Czech Statistical Office, Job Office and other Czech authorities.

  • Representation of your company at inspections relating to your payroll accounting agenda administration.

Your power of attorney will enable us to communicate with relevant authorities on your behalf with no need of you being present: registration and deregistration of employees, monthly overviews, yearly payroll accounts. If required, we will keep you informed on every detail and mail you copies of particular documents.

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